Training solutions - disability confident.

JDM PLACEMENTS is available to assist you with developing a strategy to increase employment of people with disabilities and create a culture that enables people with disabilities to perform to their full potential in the workplace. Our strategy focuses on the candidates’ abilities and how they can meet the demands of your business. Our solutions are founded on assisting companies to ensure they achieve their BBBEE objectives with regards the government’s targets concerning persons with a disability. The government has set a target of 2% of the workforce to be represented by persons with a disability.

Sensitisation Workshops

We are able to facilitate this process to ensure that the employer as well as the workforce has a clear understanding of the potential barriers and misconceptions the person with a disability faces on a daily basis. We equip managers with tools to navigate interactions with employees with disabilities, increase awareness and provoke attitudinal change with regards the stigma associated with disability. As part of our sensitisation programme we will introduce the concept of disability etiquette.

Work-Readiness Programs

A new world opens up with the opportunities a career presents. Competitive jobs help people with disabilities reach new levels of unimagined rewards – the tangibles of a car, a new home, vacations – and equally – critical intangibles such as a sense of improved self-worth and personal independence. Our Work Readiness programs address position requirements, as well as organizational fit and general workplace readiness such as work ethics and attitude, and how to go about growing a career.

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