Disability Recruitment and Placement Services and Products

Sensitization and work readiness are essential steps in the process of ensuring a person with a disability is able to function to their maximum capability in their working environment.

Environmental Site Audit

A site audit is conducted to determine the current accessibility of the building, providing insight into the accessibility limitations of the workplace. We include aspects such as workstation set-up and equipment, lighting, and access, as well as organisational aspects such as workload and job pace.


Our Recruitment and Screening Process looks at the candidate’s ability to meet your position requirements as well as organizational fit and general workplace readiness such as work ethics and attitude. We aim to ensure that the most cost-effective and greatest return on investment is made.

Disability Verification

This is the process of confirming that the condition disclosed by an employee meets the criteria as outlined by the definition of disability stated in the Employment Equity Act.



Learnership Candidates

A constant pipeline of viable, potential learnership candidates is maintained to meet the demands of your business, as well as Government targets.




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We are building disability-smart organisations using the following framework:

1. Commitment

You promote your commitment to best practice on disability internally and externally.

2. Adjustments

You anticipate the needs of people with disabilities and have a robust process for making any adjustments that might be needed by individuals.

3. Retention

You value all your employees, including those who are disabled or who become disabled, and are committed to their retention and development.

4. Suppliers and Partners

You expect your suppliers and corporate partners to reflect and enable you to meet your commitment to disability best practice.

5. Know-how

You equip your employees so that they are confident interacting with people with disabilities, knowing what to do and how to do it.

6. Recruitment

You attract and recruit people with disabilities, which gives you access to the widest talent pool at every level.

7. Products and services

You value your customers, clients and service users with disabilities and address their needs when developing and delivering your products and services.

8. Communication

When you communicate with people with disabilities, you are as inclusive as possible and whenever necessary you make adjustments for individuals.

9. Premises

Your premises are accessible to people with disabilities and whenever necessary you make adjustments for individuals.

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