DisabilitySense: The Financial, Strategic and Transformational advantages of being a Disability Fair workplace

Embracing disability is a strategic mechanism to enhance your BBBEE standing. Yet organisations struggle to find the necessary resources and expertise to achieve this sustainably. Many simply don’t know where to start in adopting universal standards relating to the employment, retention, promotion or performance management of people with disabilities.

Explore the direct financial benefits of being disability-wise, all the corporate benefits that come with being disability-friendly.

The Joint Diversity Management Group of Companies, incorporating JDM Empowered Placements, invites you to attend a technical one-day workshop designed to re-imagine your companies Transformation Agenda. Properly position your organisation to benefit from a strategy on Disability Inclusion. 

Event Details

Date: 7 August 2019
Time: 08:00 – 16:30
Venue: The Nicol Hotel, Bedfordview
Investment: R1800 

Why attend? 

We understand how difficult it is to engage on Disability and harder still to imagine your company embracing both employees and suppliers with Disabilities. Whether you are a decision maker or influencer in your business, when you take the time to understand and engage on strategies about the rands and cents advantages, and your companies’ BBBEE-enhanced prospects, you’ll see the light on why investing in this kind of transformation makes great commercial and social sense. 

The workshop will: 

  • Present an irrefutable business case for disability
  • Show the numerous tax benefits around disability
  • Explore the  lucrative business proposition in a Disability Strategy  
  • Calculate your return on investment inherent in  implementing a disability strategy
  • Elaborate on the ease of accumulating BBBEE points for Disability and their compounding effect on your BBBEE Level 
  • Illustrate the  scale of funding available from the Gauteng Government, for spend on Preferential Procurement from Disabled Suppliers and how to create partnerships to access that funding. 

Who should attend?

  • Business leaders 
  • HR practitioners & recruiters 
  • BBBEE Consultants
  • Finance practitioner  
  • Training practitioners and administrators 
  • Occupational therapists 
  • Business Association members and representatives
  • Bargaining and chartered councils 
  • Trade union leaders


This workshop was designed to offer the operational mechanisms for capitalising on the business case for disability. Those attending will be provided with: 

  • Insights into crafting a company’s financial model utilising direct and indirect tax opportunities, combined with ETI and 12H Learnership benefits 
  • Maximising BBBEE benefits to improve the current BBBEE Level of a company
  • Enhance Transformation via the YES Programme, combined with New Enterprise and Supplier Development Incubation.

Ready to transform your organisation? Book your seat below, or download the full event agenda to learn more:


Aug 07 2019


8:00 am - 4:30 pm



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The Nicol Hotel
Bedfordview, GP
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  • Ivor Blumenthal
    Ivor Blumenthal
    CEO of ArkKonsult (CEO of the Services SETA 2000-2011)

    Dr Ivor Blumenthal is the CEO of ArkKonsult – Establishing Trade Associations, Professional Bodies, Skills Trusts and Institutes of Training and Development. After studying law and psychology, Ivor completed a post-graduate diploma in Management and was awarded his PhD. In Technology and Innovation.

    Ivor has worked across a variety of industries, including law, media, and is a published author of the book “50 Shades of Greed”. He has served as a member of the National Skills Authority, and three Standard Generating Bodies for SAQA. He was also responsible for establishing a Hotel Management and Business School in Marbella, Spain. His leadership roles range from acting as CEO for the Services SETA, Vice Chairperson for Our Parents Home and World Skills, and as a board member for both the European Marketing Confederation and the International Certification Council.

  • Jacqueline Da Mata
    Jacqueline Da Mata
    Entrepreneur and the founder of the JDM Group, incorporating JDM Empowered Placements

    Jacqueline Da Mata is an entrepreneur and the founder of the JDM Group, incorporating JDM Empowered Placements, hosting this essential workshop.
    Jacqueline has held leading roles in industries as diverse as nutrition to labour broking and recruitment. It was in this arena where her passion for the development of people grew exponentially. She also became aware of the severe challenges facing the disabled in finding employment within the formal labour force in South Africa. Employers’ lack of understanding of the world of disability has created barriers and a reluctance on the part of most employers for the inclusion of employees with disability within the workforce.

    In identifying the gaping chasm in the understanding between the worlds of employment and disability Jacqueline founded JDM to accomplish a bridge between the two. Jacqueline sees it as her mission to help disability candidates overcome the employment odds and obtain jobs that allow them to be independent. Conversely, to provide a unique range of advice, support and expert tools to help organisations become amenable to the intake of people with disability, create diversity and overcome their unchallenged discrimination, and equip them with the tools that make disability-inclusion germane, rewarding and expansive.

    This workshop was developed with a view to changing how people with and without disabilities think about disability, to understand what needs to change if people with disabilities are to be treated fairly so that they can contribute to business success, to society and to economic growth with relevance and meaning.

  • Tello May
    Tello May
    Manager (Product Development), Gauteng Enterprise Propeller

    Mr. Tello May is the Manager (Product Development) for Gauteng Enterprise Propeller, and has earned the honour of Small Business Elder following his 25 years of impactful dedicated contribution to the small business sector, entrepreneurship and local economic development, during which time he also become an acclaimed network builder, knowledgeable business adviser, strategic enterprise and finance development professional. Tello has served on numerous provincial business and economic development review and steering (strategic and technical) committees.

    In his professional capacity, Mr. May currently serves on a number portfolios, including Head of Product Development and Mentorship at Gauteng Enterprise Propeller (GEP); Former Marketing Director and Adviser to the Institute of Business Advisers of Southern Africa (IBASA); Member of the Advisory Committee of the Technology Station for Chemicals (TSC), Tshwane University of Technology; Non-Executive Chair of the Hlasima Group; and Convener of the Small Business Elders.

  • Wesley Grimm
    Wesley Grimm
    Tax Specialist and Lawyer

    Wesley works with both the corporate and litigation teams on various matters including advising clients during large transactions and assisting clients who are being audited or investigated by SARS. He also assists clients with all aspects relating to applying for and being granted public benefit organisation (and tax-exempt status) and SARS’ Voluntary Disclosure Programmes. His dispute resolution experience includes work in the High Court of South Africa.

    Wesley earned his LLB, a B.Com (Law) with taxation and accounting (both achieved with distinction) and was admitted as an attorney of the High Court of South Africa.

  • Zain Bulbulia
    Zain Bulbulia
    Director (Special Programmes GEYODI) Office of Premier Gauteng

    Zain Bulbulia is the Director of special programmes (GEYODI) to the Office of the Premier of Gauteng, heading the following portfolios: People with Disabilities, Older Persons and Migrants as well as Flagship projects of the Premier. He also represents Gauteng Provincial Government at National Assembly and National Council of Provinces in Parliament steering committees, in addition to serving as Special Advisor to Deputy Minister (Women, Children and People with Disability Ministry) at the United Nations (New York) and Advisor to Special Rapporteur on Disability of the Commission for Social Development at the United Nations (New York).

    Zain is a highly effective person who possesses valuable and insight in Disability Rights, Public Sector and Corporate institutional transformation. He’s committed to serve civic communities and corporate clients alike to strive to make a fundamental contribution to social transformation at both global and local level.

    The scope of his professional track record spans across several sectors and mastered an extensive portfolio of high-level leadership and management competencies. For the last 10 years, he has functioned effectively as change management specialist to several governmental and cooperate departments. He is a dynamic strategist, creative, diplomatic and experienced leader with in- depth understanding of specific challengers in our current and future global context. Zain has published a number of articles related to disability.

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